Working with MSC (Schools) 


The Mid Somerset Consortium has a reputation for excellence in teacher training.

We work closely with a partnership of schools to deliver a comprehensive training programme. Unlike many other courses we draw on the considerable expertise of the colleagues within these schools who deliver professional and subject training.

The MSC prides itself on knowing all of its schools well and their requirements. We endeavour to support our schools to ensure that teaching placements are successful and this is evident in the high numbers of ‘outstanding’ and ‘good’ trainees that we produce each year. The employment rate for our trainees  is  consistently high.

Our programme is genuinely school centred. Working with the MSC is superb CPD for emerging and established school leaders. For example, partnership schools run whole day training conferences on key aspects of successful pedagogy; we also off opportunities for school colleagues to deliver subject specific and professional training sessions.

Comments from partnership schools:

“Thank you for the help and guidance you have given our 3 trainees. They had a thoroughly positive experience last years and have highly praised the MSC. Their standard of teaching is also impressive as a result.”

“Thank you for allowing us to be partners in what I feel is one of the best Teacher Training organisations I have ever been involved with”

Training benefits

  • Being a SCITT means that we are flexible in our approach to working with schools and to deliver training which suits our partners and trainees.
  • We have termly mentor training. All mentors are paid to attend. 
  • We actively encourage our schools to offer School Experience opportunities, and will visit schools to support partners and contribute to these days. The MSC will also liaise with schools to arrange such days and orchestrate the administration aspect.

High Quality Trainees

Our schools are fully involved in the recruitment of trainees and we aim to match trainees to schools and departments to ensure the success of the training placements. 

Join our partnership:

1. The Mid Somerset Consortium works within a partnership of schools. Any School within the partnership can opt to have school direct trainees. We register for SD places with the DfE as a lead school and on behalf of our partnership schools. It is incredibly easy to join our partnership. There are two types of schools direct placements that schools can offer.

a) School Direct - fee paying

Available in state funded and independent schools

School Direct trainees will pay fees. They will be ‘students’ rather than employees of MSC schools. Some trainees in shortage subjects are eligible for a bursary this can be up to £26,000 for a first class degree, Masters or PhD in a shortage subject.

For more details go to

b) School Direct (Salaried)

This is an employment-based programme where applicants need to have at least three years’ work experience.

Trainees on this programme will be employees of their training school, from 1st September to 30th June (10 months) and will be paid at no less than point one of the unqualified teacher pay scale although Academies are free to determine their own salaries. In most cases, MSC School Direct (Salaried) trainees will be supernumerary.

2. Lead a partnership and work with MSC as your training partner

The MSC works with alliances of schools who have established their own partnerships. The MSC can provide an outstanding professional training programme, QA and support for schools for a competitive price and with flexibility. He MSC works closely with partners to offer schools opportunities to run/host training.