Training and Working


I had always loved coaching sport and getting involved in team activities, but I never thought I would end up becoming a teacher. At the end of my University degree, I said to myself I’ll have a year off and “find myself”. Long story short, I panicked and became a Sports Graduate Assistant for one term at an independent school. Then came the biggest surprise, I loved teaching. I loved the working relationships you built with your colleagues and students. We are there to help our pupils achieve and develop as individuals, preparing them for adulthood. As time progressed, although I loved teaching sport I was drawn to the science classrooms. I had completed my A Level Biology and had chosen modules at university that were heavily based in biological content. After completing my degree, I wasn’t ready to let academia go. My passion for teaching had been accelerated and therefore I decided to start my PGCE in Biology. MSC was the course that previous colleagues had completed whilst also working at my school in a salaried position. The opportunity to become a teacher whilst simultaneously learning on the job sounded like a fantastic challenge. So here I am, constantly learning and developing my practice and it’s addictive. Highly recommended!