Our Success


Ofsted stated that

'The overall quality of the training is outstanding, enabling trainees to exceed the expectations of the Teachers’ Standards by the end of the training. Trainees leave the course equipped with the knowledge and competences required for a successful NQT year. Outstanding training successfully combines school-based training with an excellent range of complementary professional studies workshops and subject knowledge ‘upgrade’ sessions, all designed to prepare trainees for their teaching and wider professional role in schools.’

Past trainees’ comments about school mentors

‘Support from my mentor has been brilliant! Even when her own work load has been a lot, she has still managed to be very supportive and helpful. Feedback is honest and very constructive which I feel is the best way I am going to improve.’


What helped most, though, was the feeling that the school and the MSC really knew me, and I think that is the essence of what SCITT gives that a University route can't - the opportunity to build and consolidate relationships over a whole year so that, amongst other things, there are a whole group of people who will catch you if you fall.


I have very regular contact with my mentor and she is always more than willing to listen to my queries and offer advice or feedback.  Feedback from lesson observations is very thorough and useful’


‘I could not have asked for a better mentor, he has been so supportive and is always offering me support with lesson planning and the feedback received from lesson observations is constructive and relevant.’

Past trainees’ comments about the MSC

‘I have found the resources, support and training provided by the MSC to be well organised and of a very high standard’


‘All staff at the MSC are brilliant.  They are always on hand to help out if there are any problems or if I am unsure of anything.  They are friendly, extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  Resources provided are top quality and I feel like they will support me in every way possible to succeed!’


‘I have enjoyed the training days and found the majority of the sessions useful; some of them have been very inspiring... I look forward to Tuesday afternoons.’


‘I have found the MSC really efficient, they always respond to any queries quickly and are always there to offer advice and support when needed. Overall, I am really enjoying the experience.’


The professional training I have received from the MSC has been outstanding. I am very grateful to everyone at the MSC for this fantastic training.


MSC were incredibly supportive over our training year and were very thorough in the depth and range of training provided. They taught and  encouraged reflective practice and always emphasised the importance of it.


I have had an outstanding training year with both my home school placement and the professional training every Tuesday. The sessions have been interesting ... I have felt fully supported from both the course leader, ITTC, mentor and tutor for my PGCE. I have and will continue to recommend this course to anyone interested in teacher training as it has given me the best training and outcomes possible.


Ofsted Report