Becoming a biology teacher 






I have always considered myself a people person. I was always chosen to look after the new kid in class in primary and in secondary I was voted for by peers to represent their views (despite not being part of the ‘in’ crowd). I have also always enjoyed working with others as part of a team and have played rugby since I was eleven. I have always been creative and have been part of choirs, bands and the odd pottery group. Despite this, I chose a university course that seemed to be aimed at me working in a laboratory and doing analytical work on a daily basis – not my thing at all. So I got a job as a pastoral and sports assistant in a boarding school for a year to gain some skills and rethink my choices. After a few years at the boarding school I had an English as An Additional Language certificate, was a Housemistress running my own boarding house and doing a bit of science support teaching. Working with teenagers from around the globe, as well as with inspiring pastoral and teaching colleagues made me realise that I definitely wanted to work in education. In total I worked at the school for almost 10 years and when time came for me to move on I knew that I wanted to get into mainstream science teaching. I chose the school direct route as I felt that my previous experience would stand me in good stead to go straight into a school. I chose MSC as their small cohort size and supportive, personalised approach appealed to me as I would be moving out of my comfort zone.
I have enjoyed my training so far and am happy to be amongst a group of other trainees, the majority of whom are also changing careers or have previously worked in roles in education.