Coping with Mental Health as a Trainee Teacher


About halfway through my first term of teacher training I found myself really struggling with my mental health, to the extent that I wasn't sure if I would be able to complete the course despite how much I wanted to do so. What really saved me was that being part of a SCITT allowed me to build up really strong relationships with my mentor, and with staff at the MSC, so that a)they noticed something was wrong and b)I felt comfortable enough to burst into tears when asked what it was!  

The support, from both my home school and the MSC, has been amazing. Flexible working options were made available to me, contingency plans - such as delaying my second placement or interrupting the course - should I not be able to address the issues quickly enough were discussed, which helped me to put things in perspective and see that there were more options than the all-or-nothing that I had initially envisaged.

 What helped most, though, was the feeling that the school and the MSC really knew me, and I think that is the essence of what SCITT gives that a University route can't - the opportunity to build and consolidate relationships over a whole year so that, amongst other things, there are a whole group of people who will catch you if you fall.

 I'm happy to say that, after a few very challenging weeks, and a couple of tentative months, I have definitely come out the other side, and I actually think that that low point was in some ways one of the best things that could have happened - getting through it has made me feel stronger and happier than I was even before I started the PGCE.