Becoming a Science Teacher








I graduated over 30 years ago. I have been working in industry, using my skills, both subject specific and otherwise, learnt at university and beyond, at home and at work. I have changed careers twice already, working in the personal products industry and in education. I have always thought about teaching as a possibility but one day last year everything started to crystallise for me. I was at a data conference and an expert in data started his talk by telling the audience you can’t measure everything. And his example of something you cannot measure was that inspiring teacher you had at school. I thought then, if I could inspire just one child, that would be a good thing to do. I would like to be that inspiring teacher. I had one at school and he is the reason I chose the subjects I did and the reason I am where I am today. He believed in me which made me believe in me.

So after this initial thought at the data conference, I started to investigate possibilities. How could I become a student again?! And with a family to support too. The MSC SCITT was the route I chose. It allowed me to be close to home and immediately start teaching. I am supported through the process with practical examples and strategies to help from day one. Supported both by the MSC and my school.

For me personally this was the right time to start to teach. I now have life experience and resilience to add to my subject knowledge to allow me to share my love of my subject with my pupils with real life examples. And I am loving it. It is so rewarding to see a pupil’s face light up as they find the answer for themselves and realise they can do this. I go into school each day wanting to be there and wanting to do more.