Finding the small wins everyday







If you had asked me 10 years ago what I wanted to be I would never, in a million years, have said be a teacher. Even, at an interview for a maternity LSA cover, when asked “do you think you could be a teacher” I responded with “no. The job is too stressful, too long, poorly paid and underappreciated”. That was five years ago.

I subsequently got the job and realised how wrong I really was. From working as an LSA, to a pupil premium parent, an unqualified music teacher (and a small stint in Geography…) to a cover supervisor it was clear why teaching is the most incredible career in the world. Because there is no feeling more comparable to that of a small win. And no. I’m not talking about when the kids leave, or they receive their GCSE results, but the moment that makes you want to cry with exceptional joy over something very silly. For this I am going to share the experience of a smile. As a one to one LSA I worked with a student that for the first 3 months refused to smile. I tried everything from talking about their interests which I knew nothing about, to making lessons relevant to them based on their hobbies. And after three months. Nothing. Then, one day, after the Christmas holidays I wished them a good morning and said that I would be trialling not sitting next to them just to see how they got on. And that’s when it happened. They smiled. The reason? Because I trusted they could do well unsupported and it made them feel good.

That I think is the real reason to go into teaching. Because no matter how hard it gets there is always one student who through one tiny action makes a huge leap. My mantra every day is to find a small win. So that even if it’s hard. Even if I focus on the things I got wrong that day, I know that in some way a breakthrough has happened. Try it. Find something small that made your day a win. Because that feeling of success is incomparable to any other.