Surviving to Thriving 

 So, I survived the first term. It had its ups and downs. It was very difficult at first, much more difficult than I could ever have imagined, but with every day it got easier. I learnt how to manage bad behaviour, how to engage pupils in their learning, how to make it fun, how to assess that they had actually learnt something and most importantly to build a rapport with my pupils. And I made it to the Christmas holidays. The MSC tutors told us that it was natural to feel a dip at this point. But I was really scared. Because I had to go to a second placement. Another school, where I didn’t know the children, teach different lessons, effectively start all over again! Why oh why were they making us do this! And at a time they themselves said we would be feeling a dip. The first day at the new placement was awful. It felt like I was right back at square one where I knew nothing and nobody. But I had a job to do and I did it. I didn’t realise quite how much I could transfer. Just apply all the techniques I knew. Of course with a different class and a different mentor, they did not work quite the same and I learnt different things. New ways of doing things. How to mix it up. I could try all sorts of new ideas, just to see what would happen. And the team at the second school were so supportive. They wanted me to succeed too. So I did it! I’m now back at my first school, with more ideas, more confidence and a real sense of achievement. And of course I have things to compare, ideas to try out. My pupils are pleased to see me (well most of them!). And my enthusiasm to share the joy of my subject with them is still as strong as ever.