It doesn't feel like a job


I've wanted to teach since I was thirteen, I have always been inspired by my amazing computing teachers when I was in secondary school during the early 2000's. I remember being in year nine and being the first person in the year group to pass one of the GCSE units of course work I was studying. I was so excited by this and I remember running home after school and declaring to my parents I want to be a computing teacher just like Mr Crutchley! Over the past nine years I've gained four years of teaching experience, getting my first teaching job at seventeen! Teaching is honestly one of the most rewarding jobs I have had and it honestly doesn't feel like a job when I'm standing In front of my students. This year has been a lot of work, but there’s moments when you are teaching programming to a year eight class, and amongst the chatter of the group you suddenly hear a ‘oh, I get it now!’ That is what keeps me coming back.