Selection process

Applications  open  again in October 2022

Recruitment procedures at MSC

Entry Requirements

Applications have now closed for 22/23 and will re-open on October 11th 2022 for 23/24 courses. 

Applicants must possess qualifications as follows:

  • A grade C, GCSE in English Language and Mathematics (or overseas equivalent);
  • A first degree from a United Kingdom higher education institution (or overseas equivalent), this must be at least a 2:2* classification and at least 50% of its content should be directly related to your chosen teaching subject. *(PE is such a popular subject the MSC is looking for applicants with a 2:1 or above and minimum of one National Coaching Qualification)

Please note that if qualifications in English or mathematics are anything other than GCSE, candidates should contact the MSC to obtain advice.  Many level 2 qualifications cannot be considered as equivalent as they do not cover the breadth of syllabus required.

For School Direct places additional requirements may be specified by the school. These may differ from subject to subject and between different schools. Please enquire with MSC for advice.


Where candidates are presenting overseas qualifications, it is the applicant’s responsibility to apply to ENIC for a letter of comparability for the relevant GCSE and degree level qualifications, and to enclose a copy of this letter with their application form (ENIC contact details).

Interview Procedures (COVID-19 impact will determine each interview schedule)

  • All applications will be received via the DfE system from October 2021 onwards. We generally recruit until July of the next calendar year.
  • The MSC will review applications and
  • invite candidates to interview via email
  • or publish a decision to reject, with guidance on the decision
  • Successful applicants will be invited to a stage 1 interview; this will be conducted by MSC course leaders over Zoom.
  • Applicants will need access to a computer, a webcam with a microphone or built in speaker.
  • We do not expect applicants to have school experience (though it is desirable).
  • If applicants require any adjustments for interview, they should contact the office to discuss.  
  • Subject knowledge audits will be sent out for applicants to complete in advance and return prior to interview. As will numeracy and literacy diagnostics for completion. 
  • Applicants will be given a topic and asked to plan a 1-hour lesson. Applicants will then have opportunity to discuss their plan and ideas.
  • Interviews consist of a course introduction from the Partnership Manager(s) and an interview.
  • Feedback will be provided by email within 48 working hours where possible.
  • Where applicants are unsuccessful, we will email and publish the outcome on the DfE system.
  • Where applicants are successful, we will email with the outcome and discuss next steps (setting up a stage 2, in-school interview).


  • Schools are selected based on applicants’ location, subject, type of school (sixth form etc.)
  • We aim to set this up within a week of interview 1 and complete the process within 3 weeks.
  • The chosen school will contact the applicant with details of the stage 2 interview, this will include a face to face school visit, delivering a pre-planned ** lesson and a panel interview with school staff.
  • A decision will then be emailed out by the MSC and published on the DfE system. 
  • The school has the right to decide if this interview should be online or face to face, based on each school's current COVID-19 related procedures. 

If applicants have COVID-19 concerns, we suggest contacting the office to discuss. 

Guidance on References

The MSC look for two satisfactory references, candidates will be asked to supply contacts and details for two referees at the point of application on the DfE website.

If you're still at university or got your degree within the past five years, one reference must be from someone at your university who can comment on your academic ability and potential.

The other reference can be from someone who knows you from work or who can comment on your character and your potential as a teacher**

If you're applying for a School Direct (salaried) route one reference must be from an employer for whom you worked who knows you well.

If you left university more than five years ago, you can choose two referees who know you from work or can comment on how suitable you are for teaching. You can still use an academic referee if you think that's the right thing for you.

If you're providing a reference from a school where you have been employed or have done classroom observation, it should generally come from the head teacher.

**candidates must not use family members, friends, partners or ex-partners as referees.

Please note your application can't be processed unless both references have been received, so make sure you supply them so your application won't be held up.



The MSC makes every effort to pair successful applicants with a partnership school. However, on very rare occasions it is not possible to match candidates and schools. This may be because of locations, route or extenuating circumstances (such as staffing changes in school). A place with the MSC is not confirmed until an offer has been made via the DfE website.