North Dorset Partnership

The MSC works with a number of schools throughout the South-West. When a group of schools offer places for trainee teachers in an area or region, including a teaching school, they can become an Alliance of schools.

North Dorset Partnership is made up of 4 schools in Dorset, The Gryphon School is the lead school.

Applying for a North Dorset Partnership (NDP) Place counts as one of your UCAS TT options, if the subject you are looking at is also available with MSC, Crispin School or TTA, they will count as separate choice.

Remember! You get 3 UCAS TT choices in Apply 1.

 If you are successful in gaining a place with the North Dorset Partnership , you will be trained by the MSC and you will be based in one of the schools listed below.

We recommend NDP places for candidates living in Dorset or the Yeovil areas or those particularly interested in one of the schools below. Please click on any of the schools to learn more.

North Dorset Partnership only offer School Direct Fee-Paying courses, if you are looking for salaried places, please look at our Crispin School Alliance places.

Remember! All MSC trainees, regardless of route will need to travel to the MSC training facilities once a week on Tuesdays and will also be required to travel to local schools in the Somerset area.

Please note, NDP places vary in interview methods (see below)

Potential trainees who are selected for interview will be informed by email and given a date for interview. The interview process will include:

  • Teaching – potential trainees are asked to teach something of their choice to the other trainees and the Selection Panel, or to a group of students. “Lesson” to be 10 minutes long
  • A meeting with the department –a subject specific group exercise where the potential trainees meet the HoD, the mentor and 1 or 2 other members of the department to assess suitability to work with the department via a subject based discussion.
  • Student panel – potential trainees will be interviewed by a panel of students
  • Generic lesson observation (1/2 lesson)
  • An observation of a lesson (outside of the applicant’s specialism) in conjunction with a member of the Selection Panel. A discussion of the lesson will be part of the final interview
  • Formal interview – panel interview with members of the Selection Panel (and if available a member of the appropriate HEI) 

Finding NDP Places on UCAS

North Dorset Partnership places can be found listed under North Dorset Partnership on UCAS. Course codes are listed below.

 Subject Route  Course Code  Provider
Art & Design  School Direct Fee-Paying  2NBT NDP with MSC
 Biology  School Direct Fee-Paying



NDP with MSC
 Chemistry  School Direct Fee-Paying  2S2G NDP with MSC
 Computing  School Direct Fee-Paying  2FBY NDP with MSC

Design &


School Direct Fee-Paying 2YFP NDP with MSC
Drama School Direct Fee-Paying 2YFQ NDP with MSC
English School Direct Fee-Paying



NDP with MSC
Geography School Direct Fee-Paying 2S2H NDP with MSC
History School Direct Fee-Paying 2S2N NDP with MSC
Maths School Direct Fee-Paying




NDP with MSC
MFL School Direct Fee-Paying 2S29 NDP with MSC
PE School Direct Fee-Paying



NDP with MSC
Physics School Direct Fee-Paying




NDP with MSC
RE School Direct Fee-Paying 2YFR NDP with MSC

 If you are looking for another subject please refer back to our subject list.